real fire passenger cabin Simulation

Real Fire Fighting Trainer

RFFT – Real Fire Fighting Trainer is an automatic computerized fire training simulator that provides training with Real Fire and has artificial smoke for training scenarios to guarantee realism in fire training sessions.

Design is based on a real aircraft design and customized into each customer´s requirements and needs.
Can be:

  • Fixed – Movable
  • Indoors – Outdoors
  • On a truck – On a trailer

Construction Materials are maintenance free and a have life time warranty. These carefully chosen materials are sustainableand durable even in extreme difficult climate conditions.

From The Instructor Operation Panel (IOS) Instructor can choose all the different fire scenarios, smoke, lights etc.

RFFT has an option for multiple fire drill scenarios depending on the customer´s needs.

The most commonly used are:

  • Galley fire
  • Lavatory fire
  • Seat fire
  • Laptop / smart phone fire
  • Overhead bin fire
  • Waste bin fire
  • Wall panel fire
  • Pool fire for general training
  • The Automatic Fire Extinguisher Refilling Station can recharge, (for example) two typical aircraft fire extinguishers in 15 seconds.
  • The extinguishing agent is a mixture of tap water and compressed air. The whole procedure is Eco Friendly with low running cost, less than 1 € / trainee /drill.

System safety

We use the latest technology providing safe and reliable training facility:

  • Ventilated Breathable
  • Automatic Gas Detection System
  • Automatic Temperature Measurement System
  • Emergency Ventilation
  • Training Ventilation
  • Atex Ventilation
  • Burners Pilot Ignition
  • Automatic Emergency Stop System
  • Manual Emergency Stop System
  • RFS Emergency Stop